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Level Two Course Preparation Overview:

Please note: Once you have been offered a space on the Level Two course, and paid your €400 deposit, you will be sent an L2 student coupon giving you full access to this personal and professional pre-course study course.

This course builds on the learning from the Level One MBSR and MBA Teacher Training course. It is an opportunity to engage in a learning process designed to support and deepen understanding and skills in teaching and integrating trauma-sensitive mindfulness-based approaches in professional practice as part of your ongoing teacher training pathway.

What you'll learn:

  • How to get started with the preparation for your Level Two course, often the most difficult step!

  • Detailed exploration of the Session Plan curriculum, both the explicit (content) and implicit (process) with tips and hints on how to prepare to teach

  • Explore the Spectrum of Teaching Intentions and learn how it supports each session

  • How to weave the session themes and intention through the whole session

  • How to adapt the core MBSR practices to match the spectrum, theme and intention of each session

  • Further develop your personal MBI-TAC portfolio and the new Teaching and Learning Companion (MBI-TAC:TLC) to support your development of the six domains of Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches

  • These skills will be further developed during the Level Two course. This preparation is to help you prepare as best you can with the time you have available.


PLEASE NOTE: This course is ONLY for those that have enrolled in the Mindful Academy International Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR and Mindfulness-Based Approaches MBA Level Two Teacher Training course.

Ideally, you should have practiced Teaching the MBSR core practices including Mindful Movement learned during the Level 1 course to family, friends, and clients in classes, workshops, or as part of your profession. For full details of the Level Two course click Find out more

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This course includes:
  • 2 hours plus on-demand videos

  • Full lifetime access

  • Private peer support group

  • Access on Ipad, laptop and PC

  • Level 2 Pre-course preparation: also includes one pre-course supervision session and email support with Kathy Ward.

  • Please note: The cost shown above is the cost of the Level TWO MBSR and MBA Teacher Training course. A L2 student coupon for free access to this pre-course preparation course will be sent after you have paid the €400 deposit.

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